My Dog Taz
Write a poem about a cute puppy adorned by his master

Taz, I love you.
Taz, I miss you.
You were my dog.
You were like my son.

I got your paw print tattooed on my arm.
I got your ashes in the living room in an urn.
Memories of you will never fade.
I wish you could of stayed.

You were a little dog.
But your doggy heart was huge.
Your cuddles always made me happy.
Under my covers is where you were always napping.

You crossed the rainbow bridge.
Into doggy heaven you went.
You were a dog god sent.
You even listened to me vent.

I love and miss you everyday.
I wish you were here so we could play.
One more time would be a blessing.
My heart hurts, it feels heavy.

Taz my baby boy.
I still have your favorite toy.
I have your doggy clothes too.
Oh how you were so cute.

I love you.
I miss you.

© Tsmallz