Trust Issues
In a world of faces, some true and some fake,
Trust can feel fragile, like a heart about to break.
But hold on tight, my friend, for strength lies within,
You'll rise above the darkness, let the real you begin.

Fake friends may come and go, like passing clouds in the sky,
But the ones who stay true, their love will never lie.
They'll stand by your side, through thick and through thin,
With their unwavering support, a new chapter will begin.

Trust yourself, my dear, for you hold the key,
To finding genuine souls, who'll love you endlessly.
Let go of the past, embrace the lessons learned,
For in the midst of adversity, your spirit will be earned.

Surround yourself with those who lift you up high,
Who see your worth, and never make you question why.
In their presence, you'll find solace, a safe space to be,
Authentic connections that set your heart free.

Trust issues may linger, but they don't define your worth,
You're strong and resilient, a survivor since birth.
Believe in your instincts, let your intuition guide,
And trust that true friendship will always reside.

So chin up, my friend, let your light shine bright,
The right people will find you, in the darkest of night.
You deserve genuine love, trust, and care,
And with open arms, true friends will always be there.