In the chaos of life, there lies a serene shore,
Where troubles dissolve, and worries are no more.
Where mountains of stress crumble and fall,
Giving birth to a deep, tranquil call.

Peace of mind, a precious treasure untold,
A sanctuary within, where secrets enfold.
Like a gentle breeze, it embraces the soul,
Soothing every crevice, making it whole.

In this vast universe, where chaos persists,
Peace of mind is an oasis that truly exists.
A tranquil haven, where serenity takes flight,
Guiding one's spirit, shining through day and night.

It dances in the heart, like a quiet stream,
Reflecting inner peace, a harmonious gleam.
As troubles venture near, it stands so strong,
Shielding the soul, where it truly belongs.

Peace of mind, an elusive marvel to seek,
But within ourselves, it's ours to keep.
Free from the shackles of worry and despair,
It fills our being with light and care.

So let us strive, in this journey we face,
To find solace within, in this sacred space.
Embrace the tranquility, let worries unwind,
And forever seek the peace of mind.
© Alpha Creatives