Let's meet again!
The Night I Got You
Let's meet again
For the first time
Feel it in the very first moments
The one that decorated memories
Film reels already can't wait to look back on
Millions of treasured memories like these of us
Every second over and over again
Adore it as you could
Never love a moment more
Then this, just as it feels
We crave to daydream about
It is when going to sleep at night
As woke up the next day
Timelapse in eyelids and
rosiness on cheeks
Ripples down my spine
Relief of being real
They illuminate comfort
That reaches from the ceiling
As I play by myself Every Day.
Oh, Take me back to the night I got you…

-Janhavi M. N🌻
© Janhavi M. Nivendkar🌻